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Looking For Visually Stunning,
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That Are Installed To Perfection?

The Key Is Precision Measuring, Custom Fitting, & Elite-Caliber Installers.

Shep's Perfect Window Recipe

1. Start with an honest discussion about your needs and budget - Never High Pressure Sales.

2. Mix In An Authentic And Real Price Quote – Never A Fake “Low-Ball” Estimate.

3. Custom Order & Custom Build Your New “Perfect” Window

4. Install Windows With Painstaking Attention To Detail.

5. Back It All Up With One Of The Best Warranties In The Industry – Lifetime On The Windows, 25 Years On The Labor.

Beautiful, Affordable. Guaranteed For Life.

As Close To Perfection As Humanly Possible.

A perfect window? That’s a pretty bold claim—one that demands some proof. But the fact is all windows are NOT created equal. The fact is that most people cannot tell an “average” window from a “good” window from a “great” one. So many window companies will simply sell you a cheap one (regardless of the price) and hope you move before they fail.

A Perfect Window Starts With
Precise Measurements; Otherwise,
Nothing Else Matters

A great replacement window near Provo doesn’t come standard “off the shelf.” The window must fit with surgical precision into your home, or else it’s doomed to fail. Even many windows that are advertised as “custom built” are really just manufactured in various sizes that other contractors consider “close enough.” They then adjust the fit with shims, screws, and caulk and call it a day.

Let’s get real: That’s not going to cut it in the relentless Utah winters. That’s why we send trained professionals to your home with precision instruments to get exacting measurements for your window. Anything less is asking for trouble.

A Perfect Window Isn’t Mass Produced; It’s Custom Built To Exacting Specifications

Utah weather is unpredictable and changes often. That means that your windows will constantly expand and contract over time. Lower quality replacement windows near Provo are likely to fail at the welds and seams within a few seasons. Our windows are hand-made and will stand up to years of temperature changes, freezing cold winters, punishing summer heat, and anything else you can throw at them.

A Perfect Window Requires Perfect Installation… Or It Will Inevitably Fail Anyway

There’s a slang term in the industry for hasty installations: “RIP & STICK.” As in “rip out the old window and stick in the new one.” A few screws, a gob of caulk, and it’s considered done. This is a recipe for disaster—akin to tuning an air conditioner with a baseball bat. The entire window frame must be cleared out, rebuilt, and sealed tight. It does cost more money to do it this way—but the result is a tighter fit, a better seal, higher efficiency, and longer durability.

So These Window Must Cost An Arm And A Leg—Right?

Actually, custom measured, hand-made replacement windows near Provo by Shep’s are a lot more affordable than you think. Sure, they’re more expensive than the ones down at the home improvement warehouse… but not by much when you consider the cost of removal, installation, and quality control. We unconditionally guarantee our windows FOR LIFE (read: Forever), and our labor is guaranteed for 25 years (read: you’ll forget who installed the windows before the warranty is up!).

So give us a call—we’d love to install perfect windows in your home and add you to our roster of over 3,500 thrilled customers!